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    Fortnite hype: what is my child playing?

    It's one of the most popular games ever: millions of people worldwide gamble "Fortnite: Battle Royale". The free online game is about being the last of 100 players to stay alive. Among children and adolescents Fortnite is currently a trend. Especially for younger Fortnite is not suitable.

    How does Fortnite work?

    "Fortnite: Battle Royale" is available in different game modes. Players can play either alone, in pairs or in teams of four. The teams are formed either from known players or randomly assembled from strangers. A voice chat allows team members to share and discuss strategies.


    The gameplay is the same for all modes: At the beginning, all online players are in a virtual concourse until randomly assigned to a game. A round starts with 100 opponents landing on a deserted island. The goal is to prevail against the players and teammates and last to stay alive - is played in a team, all win together. Opponents will not be shown on the map after landing on the island. The player must always be on guard against attacks. In order to survive, raw materials and equipment must be collected. With a pickaxe, building materials such as wood or stone are extracted. With the help of these raw materials protection walls and entire forts can be built, which protect against enemy attacks. Even cliffs or other obstacles can be overcome by self-built stairs and bridges. Crates and piñatas hide weapons and health kits. Good equipment increases your chances of beating an opponent. Searching, hiding and building are important components of the game.


    Not only the other players stand in the way of survival, but also hurricanes that haunt the island. Those who are in the eye of the storm lose their lives. The playing surface will be reduced in size until all remaining players in the center of the island meet. A direct confrontation between the lone fighters and teams is now mostly enforced. At the latest when the radius shrinks to a minimum, hiding no longer brings much and shooting at other players is often unavoidable. It wins who lives until the last.



    Skins individualize the look of the character and give it a recognition value. With dances players can celebrate a victory in the game.


    Fortnite is designed for rounds: each game starts for everyone with the same material requirements. The winner of a round can not benefit from the next battle. However, points are awarded that can be invested after some time in extensions such as "skins" or winning dances. In addition to the skills in the game are such features among the frequent players an important status symbol.


    What risks are there?

    Fortnite is a survival shooter in terms of gameplay. The graphic design also makes the game seem childish and harmless. Weapons are not presented realistically, but are based on existing models. If players die, neither blood nor corpses are shown. They disintegrate much more and leave collected resources, weapons and aids as prey for the winner. Underdogs can follow the course of the game after their departure from the point of view of their opponents or return to the waiting room to get into a new game.


    Some game features may present risks to children. For one, gun violence at Fortnite is often a compelling means of victory. Players can hide, avoid others, or have their teammates shoot at opponents. In the long run, however, the game is designed for shooting. Another risk factor is in-game purchases. Individual skins can be bought with a virtual currency, so your own character can be visually upgraded. Without these enhancements, players start each day with new avatars. The recognition value of your own character and other features such as winning dances can have a great appeal to children. Since the virtual currency can only be earned slowly through game progress, the temptation to invest real money in such expansions is great.


    Fortnite V Bucks hack has an integrated chat feature: Players can connect with strangers from around the world - without any form of moderation or protection from unwanted and inappropriate comments and questions. Thus, combatants can easily offend and threaten one another. Occasion for hostility may be the equipment of the characters. Who plays Fortnite in the start outfit is called a default . A name that has meanwhile crept into the everyday usage of the younger generations. Translated, it means about "standard". Fortnite means that the idea of ​​having expensive branded clothing to be cool in the peer group can be transferred from real life to the online world.

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